Here is a question and answer post from one of our students at Startup Garden.

Name: Shinhye Kim

Team’s name: VR-COUTURE

What does your team do? 

Our team’s topic is Virtual Reality in E-commerce with the focus on Fashion retail.

The reason why we chose this topic is that with the advent of technological advancements and greater access to Internet services, e-commerce has deepened its presence in the market segments across the globe.

In the recent years, fashion and apparel have become the fastest growing E-commerce category and the people who are using E-commerce shopping are now increasing. However, one of the major concerns of the E-commerce giants are the losses incurred with the returns stemming from poor fits. With the traditional apparel shopping sites, the customer is always skeptical about the fit until the product is delivered. This leads to the collapse of many promising retailers who are not able to meet their ends. Retailers end up being acquired by the major players or bankrupted. This problem could be dealt by providing the customers an option to virtually experience if the product fits them before even placing an order. The advancement and affordability of Virtual Reality is a very formidable and viable solution wherein we enable e-commerce fashion companies to create virtual stores and provide more immersive and social shopping experience closer to reality. This platform serves as the core of our business and enables us to reap in a lot of value in the market in the near future.

How does it feel to work in an international group?

I decided to work in an international group because I thought that it would be a good chance to improve my English skills and cooperation in an international students group. All of my team member’s major are computer science and I am the only person who studies business. As a result, I need to lead my group in the business part. They are focusing on R&D mostly. This way I can help them to know how to target our real customers, who’s our competitor, what is our value proposition, and how to promote our services.

Whenever I have a meeting with my group members, they make me want to study more about VR (even though I only had little knowledge about VR before I came to Finland) and want to do my best and help them as much as I can.

Among the members, one of the Indian students helps me a lot. We usually have lunch together after finishing classes. As a result of working with international students, I get along with other country students easily and can improve my English speaking skills too.

What’s the most important thing have you learned during this program?

All Korean students spent the four weeks together here in Finland. For me, this was the first time when I had roommates. While spending time with other people, I started to realize that I put others before me. In my opinion, it is very rewarding to put others before me. If I think about myself and act selfish, it affects the others and can lead to misunderstood communication with each other.

As a result, the most important thing I have learned is people. I can’t live alone, we can’t live alone. We are a team and we are a community. There is a role for each person and if we all care for each other then it works. I learned a lot during this one month about people, human, relationship and life.

What do you like here in Finland?

I know that Finland has high interests in education just like South Korea has. However, in the classroom the atmosphere was quite different. In Korea, we usually take a class, memorize and take a test. However, In Finland, they are not focusing on memorizing.

Here, students can easily ask help from their professor and get answers right away. Sometimes we even had debates between the professors and the students.

Also, In Finland, I felt that school supports students as much as they can. As a result, it might be easy for students to start a new business.

I’ve heard that you’ve been traveling to other countries during this program as well. Which one did you like the best?

I liked St.peterburg. We went there together so that we could become closer than before. Also, I went to the Hermitage Museum which is one of the biggest in the world and it was really nice to see pictures and architectures there. Also, the night view was really great in Russia. Walking the street during the night with people was the best memory for me.

What’s the most memorable place you’ve visited during this program? (Vertical, SBL etc.)

The most memorable place I’ve visited during this program is Arabia campus.

I went to a church here in Finland and I met an older alumnus of my Hongik University. He is now studying Design in Aalto university at Arabia campus. As a result, we went to Arabia campus together with Timo and explored the campus.

How would you recommend this program for your friends?

If you want to learn about entrepreneurship in Finland, come and see!

What’s the best part about this program?

I was happy to be a Startup Garden student and met precious friends including my international group members. This program motivates me in every moment. I learned that I need to be passionate towards developing my skills. This program inspired me to study abroad, so I am planning to study my master degree abroad. I really don’t want to leave Finland!! 🙁



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