Focus on the food, Week 1

Startup Garden has had a quite kick-off! First few days have been full of activities, such as eating. On Tuesday KEF- students made pizza on their own and today, at Wednesday, we took part of BBQ- night in Maria01. Korean students are really getting their hands into Finnish food culture from the beginning of their visit.

Besides eating, we have had interesting lecture already from Kristian Tender. He told about his career and made interesting points about taxes. Tender talked also about the importance of trust between him and his employee.

Kristian Tender giving a lecture.

On Tuesday KEF- students got a tour in Design Factory. Melissa Arni-Hardén walked around the building with Korean students and told interesting facts about it. The tour ended to kitchen – or what people in Design Factory call “Kafis” – where the students got assignment to do pizza by themselves. The theme of the pizzas was “Effectual lunch” which simply means making food from the ingredients that you happen to have in your fridge.

Arni-Hardén telling about “Effectual lunch”.


BBQ- night was the first proper event for KEF- students to connect with people. Timo Nyberg, the program leader, encouraged Korean students to go and talk to people: Even if the one you first approach to don’t show interest, the next one could want to talk to you for hours!

KEF- students getting connected!

(From left to right) Jari Handelberg, Antonio Sosa, Timo Nyberg, Henrik Keinonen, Venkata Gandikota, Petri Saarinen

Posted on Wednesday, 19.7.2017, 23:42 by Elle Aropaltio