Week 1 recap

First week of Startup Garden 2017 is now behind us. As the days have passed, everyone has come to know each other. KEF- students are taking a part of a course called Venture Management, in which they have assignment to do. Many students have already started working on their projects and a lot of good ideas have been brought up in conversations.

The first few days were mainly focused on getting to know each other and familiarize students to the program. You can view a post about first few days of the Startup Garden 2017 of Startup Garden here.

On Thursday we had a campus tour where we walked around the Aalto University- campus area. Our first stop was at a grasshopper farm Entocube. Perttu Karjalainen told what drove them into making food out of grasshoppers. KEF- students found the Entocube’s idea very fascinating.

After the grasshoppers we went on a visit to Aalto Space. The tour continued to the main building where Timo Nyberg talked with the students about finnish universities, especially about Aalto, and then we moved to our next location, Open Innovation House. There Juho Carpén told about his and his co-workers startup, Surgify, in which they make safer instruments for surgeons.
Thursday’s last stop was at Aalto Ventures Program’s space.

On Friday KEF- students got to enjoy from Antonio Sosa‘s lecture which was followed up by Friday’s Brunch.
G. Antonio Sosa-Pasgual.

Posted on Sunday, 23.7.2017, 17:46 by Elle Aropaltio