Week 2 recap

The second week that had full of interesting lectures and different kinds of workshops is now approaching the end.

On Monday we started our day with a weekly breakfast at Urban Mill. We had a lecture from our program leader Timo Nyberg concerning about copyrights. In the afternoon we had the stone workshop from Paula Martikainen. It was a pleasure for the KEF-students to get acquainted with Finnish nature.

On Tuesday KEF-students went to Hietsu flea market to sell all kinds of things. We managed to make little profit which was nice. After that we went to visit Maria01, where we get to hear about what the company does. Host to us was Erika Halonen.

On Wednesday KEF-students had two little lectures about entrepreneurship. First David Leal told us his story about unsuccessful company. After that Ida Salo told us about her company which was successful. In the evening we had great BBQ night in Startup Sauna.

On Thursday we did a field trip to game developers. We got to play different games which was fun!

On Friday we had a lecture by Timo Nyberg about Management of a Technology Venture. The day ended at the coordinator’s meeting. Looking forward to the next week.:)

Posted on Sunday, 30.7.2017, 22:16 by Startup Garden