Week 4 Recap

Last week of the Startup Garden 2017 started in good spirit. The week of Behaviour Design contained amazing speakers from Stanford’s Innovation Lab.

KEF- students worked on their different projects and task, which all were related to Behaviour Design.

Second last day of the Startup Garden we got an opportunity to visit Nokia’s headquarters in Espoo. We got to hear 3 different speakers, who all were part of Nokia’s community in Finland. All of us found the visit interesting and inspiring.

The last BBQ- night was hosted by KEF- and Chinese- students. They all put an effort in making the best barbeque party of these four weeks. People from China cooked Fortune cookies and Koreans prepared Kimbab. Kimbab is similar to sushi but it contains cooked food and tastes much better.


Mark Nelson giving a lecture on Behavior Design and Persuasive Technology for Urban Mobility


Students at Nokia


The last BBQ-party


Posted on Friday, 1.9.2017, 18:43 by Elle Aropaltio