The members of Team AaltoEgg are Joonhyuk Song, Si On Kim and Hye Lynne Ahn from Seoul National University and Yoonchae Oh from Duksung Women’s University. Joonhyuk is the team leader, who studies Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is also learning programming so that he can develop the team’s product. Si On majors in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, which means he is in charge of the team’s finances. Hye Lynne has experience in the lease business and she has studied Law, Politics and Urban Planning, so she is in charge of product planning and marketing. Yoonchae majors in Chemistry, and only joined the team in Finland during our summer program. The team chose their name to represent their business idea’s growth: they have prepared an idea – an egg – in Korea, and want to hatch out of the Startup Summer Program by Aalto experts and Urban Mill.

Team AaltoEgg is creating an online service called Ziptoss for the niche market between long-term leases and a few days’ accommodation. The amount of heavy travelers, businessmen and many others looking for an accommodation of a few months is increasing, and they really need a proper solution. The fee of renting a room in a hotel becomes quickly too heavy for the target group and on the other hand, getting a lease only for a few months is often too complex. The difference between services such as Airbnb and Team AaltoEgg’s idea is that AaltoEgg’s customers want to live somewhere for a while, not only visit the place.


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